Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Getting ready for Birthday

We should always celebrate the day we were born

It is that time of the year for a certain someone!! Is my friend’s birthday tomorrow and I hope she is very excited about it. I just realised I have been disrespectful to the most important day of my life for the past few years, as for my birthdays I stilled had my friends to celebrate with me, but it was more like I am doing it because everyone was excepting a party, I didn’t really look forward to it not that I didn’t enjoy it I had a blast in all of them but I don’t think I had the right state of mind.

But a year older and a year wiser, I have decided I will always celebrate my birthday with joy and happiness for the rest of my life, after all if the day I was born is not worth celebrating than what else in life is worth celebrating for? Further I will make the person who is having a the birthday to feel appreciated that why I have decided to buy the cake and organise the storage of the cake tomorrow normally I will never in a million years do something like that, but now I am happy that I am one small part of the cause for my friends happiness on her birthday.

And next year I will be back in my homeland where my family and girl friend and friends will celebrate with me, very looking forward to it because I have not had a Birthday with my parents for 11 years... although I will miss my friends in the UK but I guess life moves on either you like it or not, and change happens the best we can do it to treasure the memories we have of it.

Peace out~

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