Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Going back in time to stop your first cig

Ok so I have not been blogging for a few days, SO WHAT!?!? Is not like anyone is reading this lol.. but is a good thing that I am still writing every once in a while, so that my English will stay good....

Anyway a few thoughts in the last few days, 2 main issues; one relating to relationships and the second are things we regret in present day and wishing we could go back in time to stop it..

First issue: - Relationship for me is confusing, is relationship about sacrificing or compromising? For me it seems like couples can argue and argue for a long time, where one person thinks the issue is not a big deal and the other person taking it too serious, somehow you can try to explain to the other person but they will never really understand, they might think they understand but I think in the end nothing has changed, they only understand because in the back of their mind they want to compromise with the other person so the argument will stop as their love for each other is worth more than to break up over one little issue. But does this mean couples get by with their life thinking that they really understand each other? And in the end some get lucky and can get through their whole life without bringing these issues up again, or will some couples like most end up breaking up because they never really understood the problems they had at the first place and it all hits them at the same time making it too unbearable to handle.

Second Issue: - I no longer smoke, but I still wish I NEVER started, in ‘How I met you mother’ ‘there was a scene where Marshal beats his younger self up where he had his first cigarette, and this has kind of been the line I have with other people who want to quit smoking. I will always say to them “I just wish I can go back in time to beat the crap out of the younger version of me..” and other people will agree, but come to think about it, it is just a vicious circle if you don’t put a stop to this habit once and for all, all your life you can say to yourself I wish I can go back in time and stop my first cigarette, but similarly you can regret and hate yourself for not stopping when you are 20 years old and could have stopped then, but instead you blamed the 15 years old version of you when you had your first cigarette to put off quitting it. The only way is to be strong in your mind and just quit, I did not need any help or any medicine, just pure will power and everyone can do it since I have a very addictive personality.

Long blog LOL
Peace out!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Getting ready for Birthday

We should always celebrate the day we were born

It is that time of the year for a certain someone!! Is my friend’s birthday tomorrow and I hope she is very excited about it. I just realised I have been disrespectful to the most important day of my life for the past few years, as for my birthdays I stilled had my friends to celebrate with me, but it was more like I am doing it because everyone was excepting a party, I didn’t really look forward to it not that I didn’t enjoy it I had a blast in all of them but I don’t think I had the right state of mind.

But a year older and a year wiser, I have decided I will always celebrate my birthday with joy and happiness for the rest of my life, after all if the day I was born is not worth celebrating than what else in life is worth celebrating for? Further I will make the person who is having a the birthday to feel appreciated that why I have decided to buy the cake and organise the storage of the cake tomorrow normally I will never in a million years do something like that, but now I am happy that I am one small part of the cause for my friends happiness on her birthday.

And next year I will be back in my homeland where my family and girl friend and friends will celebrate with me, very looking forward to it because I have not had a Birthday with my parents for 11 years... although I will miss my friends in the UK but I guess life moves on either you like it or not, and change happens the best we can do it to treasure the memories we have of it.

Peace out~

Monday, 22 February 2010

The road to success

The road to success.

OK so as I mentioned in my first blog, I was addicted to a YouTube channel called the "Shaytards" if you never heard of it, check it out cos it is awesome lot of funny moments and family values in it.

Anyway he is now kind of a big shot within the YouTube community, and each vlog he uploads daily will get at least 200,000+ views that’s pretty impressive, I finally finished watching all of his vlog today (up to present day), and wonder how he became so successful with all his vid apart form him being funny like all the time and his hot wife and his 3 adorable kids but i think there is more to that to his success, so i checked out his very first vids he put onto YouTube which is a channel called shaycarl's channel on YouTube.

The vids he uploaded right at the start was surprisingly bad and almost painful to watch as his vids now are so professional and well edited, and I am sure it did not get a lot of hits/views either,

But he kept doing it, and although they are all really bad for a while it started getting good, I guest my point is he is a very good example of if you put your mind to it and really stick it out till the end good things do happen and thats a really good motivation for me I guess, and hopefully to some of you out there.

Peace out!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Back to the 90's

Oh Snap!!!

I stayed up untill 5:30am in the morning bloody watched youtube vids all night.. One thing came to my mind thou, although there are so many haters out there saying people spend all their time online have no life...

I just feel people (like me..) that spend all day (actually night xd) online fit into a different community thats all... and we do just as well as the 'haters' in life. Just because we prefer to stay indoors a bit more I don't see the problem.. don't hate just because I don't like to get trashed /trolly everynight and stay out in a club till 5am and have a bad ass hang over in the morning and trying to remember what I did the night before is that so bad?

I still do sports, and hang out with friends just because I prefer to stay indoors after 12pm at night and relax a bit people get the preconception that we are NERDS and Geeks...

O also Checked out some chessy 90's music.. begining to miss the old times.. one to treasure "Natalie Imbruglia - Torn" what a great song LOL

Peace out!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

.....Starting off.....

OK! So here we GOOOO!

Hi guys, ys my name is gonna remain anonymous
from now, until I feel like I wanna review my name and my FACE!! a lot of you are properly thinking who is this joker? Thinking we wanna see his face and know you name!!

Anyway I felt like it is time for me to start blogging again (more on this later), after watching all Vlogs of the “Shaytards”, if you guys dono who they are check them out!!

I got so addicted to his blogs i watched all of them and you guys should too they are just so funny and full of family values although there are some child abuse included LOL just watch it you will know what I mean....

please comment and tell me what you guys think of the shaytards !