Monday, 22 February 2010

The road to success

The road to success.

OK so as I mentioned in my first blog, I was addicted to a YouTube channel called the "Shaytards" if you never heard of it, check it out cos it is awesome lot of funny moments and family values in it.

Anyway he is now kind of a big shot within the YouTube community, and each vlog he uploads daily will get at least 200,000+ views that’s pretty impressive, I finally finished watching all of his vlog today (up to present day), and wonder how he became so successful with all his vid apart form him being funny like all the time and his hot wife and his 3 adorable kids but i think there is more to that to his success, so i checked out his very first vids he put onto YouTube which is a channel called shaycarl's channel on YouTube.

The vids he uploaded right at the start was surprisingly bad and almost painful to watch as his vids now are so professional and well edited, and I am sure it did not get a lot of hits/views either,

But he kept doing it, and although they are all really bad for a while it started getting good, I guest my point is he is a very good example of if you put your mind to it and really stick it out till the end good things do happen and thats a really good motivation for me I guess, and hopefully to some of you out there.

Peace out!

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