Sunday, 21 February 2010

Back to the 90's

Oh Snap!!!

I stayed up untill 5:30am in the morning bloody watched youtube vids all night.. One thing came to my mind thou, although there are so many haters out there saying people spend all their time online have no life...

I just feel people (like me..) that spend all day (actually night xd) online fit into a different community thats all... and we do just as well as the 'haters' in life. Just because we prefer to stay indoors a bit more I don't see the problem.. don't hate just because I don't like to get trashed /trolly everynight and stay out in a club till 5am and have a bad ass hang over in the morning and trying to remember what I did the night before is that so bad?

I still do sports, and hang out with friends just because I prefer to stay indoors after 12pm at night and relax a bit people get the preconception that we are NERDS and Geeks...

O also Checked out some chessy 90's music.. begining to miss the old times.. one to treasure "Natalie Imbruglia - Torn" what a great song LOL

Peace out!

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